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Key Team members

Matthew Pickett
Executive Technical Advisor

Mr. Pickett brings over 20 years of experience in operations and training in Airborne, Light Infantry, and Ranger organizations.  With his extensive applied knowledge in Infantry tactics, weapon systems, special operations training and operations he is an expert in the development of infantry doctrine, Programs of Instruction, DoD Requirements and Analyses of Alternatives.

Following his active duty service, Mr. Pickett returned to Ft. Benning and the US Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence as a Combat Developer.  In this role he led a team and directly assessed current and future infantry needs to define emerging requirements that support the equipment portfolios Acquisition Program Baselines.  He and his team provided the US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command’s management of these requirements including:

Capability Needs Analysis

Entry point for Analysis of Alternatives
Doctrine, Operations, Training, Material, Logistics, Personnel, Facility analysis
Analysis of existing and potential capability gaps
Cost Benefit Analysis
Capability Based Assessment
Initial Capability Document
Capabilities Development Document
Capabilities Procurement Document - the final approved DoD Requirement document.

Positions held by Mr. Pickett during his active duty service include infantry Team Leader, Squad Leader, Scout Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Scout Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Operations Sergeant / Sergeant Major (Iraq). Additional training and certification skills include insertion by high performance and rotary wing aircraft, including marking, supervising, and constructing drop zones and landing zones that accommodate battalion size units; man tracking and survival for dismounted units negotiating complex terrain for extended periods; and small units tactics training including offensive, defensive, security, and engagement operations in hostile environments.Mr. Pickett holds degrees in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University, Master of Business Administration from Baker College and is a Doctorate in Philosophy candidate in Management of Engineering Technology from Northcentral University.