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Mehmet Hakkı Demirer
Senior Consultant Turkey/Middle East

Mr. Demirer comes with nearly 20 years of international military business experience.  His international experience and acumen combined with his deep experience in Middle Eastern strategic issues and priorities provide him with a close working relationship with the leaders of many Middle Eastern governments.

He is a former member of the Turkish Prime Minister’s advisory board and also served as a member and expert at the Turkish military think tank SAREM under the direct supervision of the Turkey’s Chiefs of General Staff.  He lectured at the Ministry of Defense’s R&D Headquarters on Ballistic Missile Threat and Ballistic Missile Defense.  

Mr. Demirer has extensive US based experience having gained both of his maters degrees and subsequently working in the US as Director of International Military Programs for a US based Aerospace company.  He currently, provides counsel and serves as a technology scout for multiple nations bringing key tactical and strategic solutions directly to the acquisition branches to provide urgently needed solutions on an accelerated pace.
Mr. Demirer holds degrees in International Business and Economics from the Austrian Sankt Georg College, Masters of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies and Master’s of Business Administration both from Southwest Missouri State University



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