am i a pk client?

PK clients include major established global defense contractors, investment companies and innovative small and medium sized enterprises.  Delivering a tailored and highly scalable offering designed to meet and evolve with the specific needs of these clients, PK seeks to identify non-traditional suppliers that are often unaware of the opportunities and benefits that their innovation can create for both them and the DoD user community.


Almost anything that has a commercial market also has a national security application!  National security is not just ships, aircraft and tanks, there is a large and growing need for innovation across multiple sectors. 

The Army Modernization Strategy, published in 2019, clearly identifies six modernization priorities to be met by 2035.  These priorities incorporate a wide range of enabling technology fields, many of which are led by innovative companies like your own.  Enabling technologies range from data analytics, IoT, wearables and cyber to advanced materials and manufacturing, cleantech, autonomous vehicles and medtech.  

Client A - Value creation

When Product Knowledge started working with Client A in early 2016 they were a small, innovative privately held European company who designed and built a highly innovative nano unmanned aerial systems for surveying potentially hostile areas prior to deploying personnel.

Having previously been awarded rapid innovation funding from the DoD in 2015 the PK team was able to build upon their earlier success, quickly creating a pathway from R&D to major procurements and in so doing significantly reducing their time to market.

Less than 12 months later, this clear pathway to success in an emerging and growing security market space led to their acquisition by a major NASDAQ listed defense company in a cash transaction at a multiple in the region of 20 times their annual revenues at the time. 

The acquirer has continued the relationship with PK, leading to initial US procurements of the capability in the region of $70M with future large scale purchases expected.

client b - market entry

Client B is a small, well capitalized, privately held company who design and manufacture encrypted and highly resilient wireless intercom systems for safety critical applications in challenging environments such as airborne search and rescue.

Prior to collaborating with PK in early 2017 Client B had never engaged with the US government and had no experience of working in the defense or security sectors.

Since 2017 the PK team have created a clear pathway to long term sustainable procurements in support of  a range of ground vehicle and aviation based capability enhancements designed to improve the safety of vehicle crews.

In so doing as of October 2019 Client B have achieved over $1M in US government sales and been awarded $6M in future requirement focused R&D funding.

Large scale procurements ($100M+) of Client B's technologies are expected to be included in further DoD vehicle enhancement programs planned for 2020/21.