innovatIVE Small & medium enterprises

The PK team understands that SMEs may find the prospect of doing business with any US government entity somewhat daunting.  Sales cycles are notoriously long and complex, the culture tends to be a little different to that of an agile tech innovator, even the language is quite different! 

While these are all valid barrier to entry, the rewards that SMEs can gain from engaging with government, in particular the DoD, are significant.  The deployment of commercial, "dual use technology" across defense is proliferating and access to multiple funding lines throughout the DoD acquisition journey is common.  Furthermore, the opportunity to test and prove your products in some of the most challenging environments on earth whilst also enhancing national security and the safety of those providing it can inspire. 

Beyond early stage funded deployment of capability, program level success delivers long term, sustainable business with potentially large dollar value acquisitions and enduring support contracts. 

PK wants to be your turnkey market creation and exploitation partner in charting a course to long term success, navigating this journey together, efficiently and expediently. 

pk services

PK offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to address client needs spanning the defense and security sector.  From US and international companies of all sizes and histories providing technology enabled solutions to the the Warfighter through to the financial services and investment firms that support them, PK is able to deliver demonstrable value and a tangible positive impact on the bottom line.         

investors & financial services

An often overlooked component of the defense supply chain, investors and financial services are the lifeblood of any industrial sector.  Without access to funding innovation is stifled and major projects simply can not be delivered.  As the acquisition and procurement functions within DoD and other defense and security centric components of the US and partner nations embrace innovation, alternative contracting models and consequently an ever diversifying supply chain, the potential opportunities and need for private capital in the sector has never been greater.         

PK recognizes the critical role that the investment and financial services community has to play in the defense sector but also understands that the industry is not without its risks.  Single client products, lengthy binary procurement cycles, combined with a degree of opacity in customer need make the analysis of investment opportunities challenging. 

By engaging with PK to advise throughout the investment lifecycle, from validation during opportunity origination through to sector guidance during portfolio operation, PK can help you identify and exploit defense opportunities for commercially viable technologies.  PK enables you to benefit from the value creation opportunities presented by the sector within a normal investment horizon whilst minimising the perceived risks.​


As the world enters the 5th industrial revolution even the most experienced and successful solution providers and systems integrators from defense, security and other adjacent industries can benefit from a different perspective sometimes!   

Innovation across key global technology sectors is dramatically impacting how the DoD counters the perpetually evolving threat.  The transition from state actor focused military capabilities of the post WW2 and Cold War era to the small footprint, tech enable asymmetric warfare necessitated by the CT and COIN centric operations of the GWOT are again making way for a new threat.  This threat blends state sponsorship and Cold War styled proxy conflicts with the low cost tech driven approach of terrorists and criminals creating a multidimensional environment that can not simply be addressed by traditional capabilities and doctrine.  No longer is the battlefield restricted to the 3 physical domains, the situation has evolved and the clear distinctions between law enforcement, national security and warfighting are no longer present.    

The new environment necessitates a new approach to DoD capability development and acquisition.  Capability gaps emerge rapidly and need to be addressed in real time.  PK, as your conjugate between strategy, business development, and lobbying activities, can deliver this insight and ensure that you are poised to deliver.